Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Horror of Disco Excess

I often defend disco music from its detractors; I love the analog beats, Latin influence, and the serious grooves laid down by many a rhythm section. But believe me, I am well aware of the horrible excess that was disco. I clearly recall my disgusted disbelief of seeing Rick Dees' "Disco Duck" on American bandstand, and the crap of the Village People, Xanadu, and the like. Even as a young,insecure teenager, I knew this stuff was crap. Here at Andrew Sullivan's website is a YouTube clip of a godawful movie appearance by the Village People, circa 1980. The film? "Can't Stop the Music." Well, somebody should have.
The horror...the horror...

If you survive that, the film version of YMCA is also astounding.

Okay, to continue this tour of disco pain, here is the aforementioned Rick Dees appearance on American Bandstand, one of the lowest points in music history. Of course, the reason this was on American Bandstand is because it had topped the charts.

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