Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sa Dingding, Breakthrough Chinese Artist

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Sa Dingding, The Breakthrough Chinese Artist, Wins Major BBC World Music Award and is Nominated for Audience Award
04/15/2008 06:34AM
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AwardsLondon, UK - Singer/songwriter Sa Dingding is helping to keep the spotlight on her native China in this Olympic year by winning the prestigious BBC Radio 3 World Music Award for Asia Pacific. This award helps establish Sa Dingding as the new face - and voice - of China around the world.

Sa Dingding is also due to appear at the Award Winners’ Concert on 30th July at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Proms and is confirmed artist for the WOMAD festival.

The prestigious BBC World Music award is based on the album Alive which was released globally last year through Universal Music, and which drew worldwide critical acclaim.

Sa Dingding has created a powerful and sophisticated sound by fusing the music of Chinese folk traditions and minority religions - including Tibetan Buddhism - with Western dance music and electronica. This is overlaid with her strong, haunting voice to create a uniquely appealing sound.

Sa Dingding is already well known in China, having won the title ‘Best Dance Music Singer’ there after the release of her first album in 1998. With growing international recognition, her recent trip to the UK generated significant interest from a diverse range of media, including Newsnight and the Independent.

Sa Dingding’s fascination with the music of music from the South Asian region stems from her own background; she is half Mongolian. She plays traditional Chinese string, wind and percussion instruments, and writes in several languages including Sanskrit and one she created herself from the emotions evoked by music.

More information about the Alive album and Sa Dingding is available at www.sadingding.co.uk.

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