Sunday, February 14, 2010

Jesus Walks on Water in La jolla

True story, though unfortunately it was witnessed by my wife and not me. She took the kids to the beach, and they were splashing around in the shallow surf at La Jolla Shores, which is somewhat protected and therefore generally has smaller waves than the rest of the beaches in San Diego. Because the surf is gentle, it is also popular as an entry location for scuba divers, kayakers, and occasionally paddle surfers, who don't surf the waves but paddle in open sea while standing atop a surfboard. Well, my kids and a friend are playing in knee-deep surf, and a bunch of other young kids are also around nearby when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a bearded man appears to be standing on the water, just past the breakers. They probably couldn't see his feet due to their short height and the surf, but to some of them he appeared to be just standing there, standing on top of the water, slowly, magically gliding northward. One of the kids in the big group next to my kids pointed at the man and screamed, "Jesus! Look! It's Jesus!" And then, according to my wife, the whole group of his friend began jumping up and down screaming, "Jesus! Jesus!" It must have been quite a scene!

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