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Vuvuzela bans in England

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Premier League and Football League clubs ban vuvuzelas


Vuvuzela: The sound of the summer

A growing number of Premier League clubs are following Tottenham's lead and banning vuvuzelas from their grounds on match days this season.

Arsenal, Birmingham, Everton, Fulham and West Ham are the latest teams to have stated the plastic horns will not be allowed inside stadia.

Some Football League clubs have also banned the horns, which were popular at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Spurs made their decision after talks with police and local authorities.

The Londoners reacted upon suggestions the noise could pose risks to public safety, while Arsenal stated they wanted to "ensure the enjoyment and safety" of fans.

A Spurs statement on the club's official website. read: "We are concerned that the presence of the instruments within the stadium pose unnecessary risks and could impact on the ability of all supporters to hear any emergency safety announcements.

"We are very proud of the fantastic atmosphere that our supporters produce organically at White Hart Lane and we are all very much looking forward to this continuing into the forthcoming season."

The Premier League has refused to implement a widespread ban, stating that "such matters are dealt with at club level".

Following their widespread use during the World Cup in South Africa, retailers across Britain have being selling vuvuzelas in anticipation of their popularity.

However, the horns have been heavily criticised by players and fans alike with many suggesting they are tuneless and block out singing and chanting.

The All England Club banned the instrument from this summer's Wimbledon, amidst fears that they could spoil the event.

Similarly, a spokesman for Henley Royal Regatta stated that vuvuzelas were on a list of items which would not be allowed within the enclosures or the boat tent area.

The England and Wales Cricket Board has said that each Test venue would be able to decide its policy on which items could be admitted.

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