Saturday, June 27, 2009

More Tattoo Fails/Humor plus Tramp Stamp Hall of Shame

This is from Cracked, who refer to tattoos a "reverse time machines." Why? Because "with time travel you can send a warning back to your younger self, with tattoos you send a mistake forward to your older self." They also provide a handy tattoo location meaning decoder chart (click to enlarge):

Also, from Whip It Out, 15 Tattoos that will prevent you from getting laid.

Finally, the Tramp Stamp Hall of Shame:
Here are the links, and there are so many more out there:
Here's twenty from Heavy.
Here's twenty from Rank My Tattoo.
Here's fifteen at POP Crunch.

And really, I don't know that this site can be topped: Ugliest Tattoos

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