Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Misspelled Tattoos, Courtesy Of Fail Blog and Ugliest Tattoos

Most of these beauties come from the indispensable Fail Blog and Ugliest Tattoo, which you should visit for a variety of fail examples. On to the tattoo spelling fails... because life does not come with a spellchecker.

Sweet Pea FAIL

"You're" FAIL

"Jealous" FAIL

"Extreme" FAIL (double fail because of the mirror pose shot)


"memories" FAIL

"System" FAIL (attitude fail as well)

Be sure to check out FAIL BLOG.

Some of the following examples do not come from fail blog. This is one of the famous misspellings of Chi-town:

And more...Judge FAIL

their FAIL

Life/Live FAILS

Strength FAIL

Lovable FAIL (with FB commentary)

apostrophe FAIL

precious FAIL

I don't even know how to label this except to add FAIL

Through FAIL

Stronger FAIL

learned FAIL

Yeah, I know, blogger format FAIL (guilty)

< More HERE.

and post dedicated to tattoo spelling errors on the words your and you're HERE.


the redneck king said...

On you're number 12 picture...the "their fail" on the young girl's shoulder is actually not a's actually completely correct...ADMIN FAIL !!!!HAHAAH

Kevin said...

Hmmm, subtle. Well played, sir, well played.

the redneck king said...

I just think that it's hilarious how many people get tattoos that are misspelled... I don't think I would get a tattoo without first checking the grammar, punctuation, and's the little things that make all the difference ("what's that ahead in the road?" or "what's that? a head in the road!"

Unknown said...

Extreme isn't a fail as the T is blended with the R just like the M and E are blended

Kevin said...

RK, I know. what? you mean.

Kevin said...

Unknown, I tried to see it that way but i really don't. If it is there it is so subtle as to be pretty lame.

the redneck king said...

I agree with Kevin on that, unknown. Looks like "exeme" no matter how I look at it...I guess it's EXEMELY LAME... sorry...couldn't resist.

Raiyn21 said...

hey redneck king, "their" is spelled incorrectly on her, that is why. YOU FAIL

kdlibby said...

"their" was spelled incorrectly..but what I want to know is how a tattoo artist can mess up that badly..PLUS, they have you look at it before they start laying ink, so how can these people not notice it either?

Anonymous said...

Hey Redneck king.... are you talking about the "follow their dreams" tattoo?