Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your/You're Misspelled Tattoos from Ugliest Tattoos

A couple of years ago I posted some funny misspelled tattoos. My best source was Failblog, which has since created its own spin-off site called Ugliest Tattoos: The Gallery of Regrets. It's really quite remarkable how many godawful tattoos exist out there, but some of the most pathetic ones consist of misspelled words permanently tattooed into one's skin. This post is dedicated to the misspelling of "your" and "you're." Mess them up in an email or post? Hey, it happens. Make the mistake in a report or paper? That's unfortunate, a little embarrassing. But permanently etch the mistake into your skin? I mean, really, even if life doesn't come with a spellchecker, that's no excuse.

From Failbook:

From WTF Tattoos:

This one gets the pole position because of the spelling used for "dealt":

A double fail:

Visit Failblog and Ugliest Tattoos (and WTF Tattoos) for more beauties.

A similar post contains misspelled tattoos messing up the words belief and believe; you can see that one HERE. One for the words "to" and "too' is growing HERE.

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